They are here

Courageous and strong young women are carving their own path in the music industry, crossing geographical and socially imposed boundaries. This is the content of the documentary film “They are here”, which shows the life of 6 female singer-songwriters and musicians on the Croatian music scene: Billie Joan, Sara Renar, Seven Moldy Figs, Puncke, Mary May and Nina Romic.

croatian millennium rock encyclopedia

For the first time since Croatian independence, a book on the contemporary music scene has emerged, which, far from the mainstream media, has left (and still leaves) an indelible artistic footprint. This book provides insight into local creativity, performers who played by their own rules, demolished and ignored existing patterns, and as a standard, imposed a completely new, never before seen, DIY world.

split kids

This book is a valuable testimony to the time and cultural life of a city, following the scene from its early, mainstream beginnings, to the latest works of current independent protagonists. Whether it mentions the big “pillars” of the music scene, or lesser known locals, author documents and deciphers the genetic code of Split, and everything that differentiates and connects its actors.




All in all, Billie Joan released a very good album with a solid vision, sound and charismatic vocals, with which she confirmed her immense potential and brought a much-needed touch of impudence to the boring Croatian music scene.

crol.hr – Andrea Jovic


All in all, “Selfless” is again a very good album, and it shows the author who looks at the current folk scene in our country a little differently. And that’s great, because we need different faces on the scene who go the “hard way” to achieve what they want.

muzika.hr – Sinisa Miklauzic

mixeta.net 1

Billie Joan is certainly adorned with an unusual, unique voice that many musicians do not possess, and it was really comfortable to listen to, in an almost forty minute long debut album in which her vocal blended with a simple guitar line.

mixeta.hr – Silvija Stanic

ravno do dna 2

Barren Land generally is not easy on the ear, but gradually because of its sincerity and uncompromising attitude, it will get under your skin with an understanding and acceptance that Billie Joan is a singer-songwriter with very interesting expression.

Ravno do dna –  Zoran Stajcic

ziher.hr 2

Barren Land will give the audience an irreplaceable atmosphere of folk rock that fans of the genre will appreciate. Considering this is a debut album, Ivana Pezo deserves praise, her album is a specific edition that will give its listeners a pleasant forty minutes of pastime.

ziher.hr – Tin Djudajek

sound guardian 2

The immediacy and rawness she achieved with no apparent difficulty indicates that Dylan was not only borrowed as a role model, but that she turned such an elusive recipe into something authentically her own. “Barren Land” is currently the best American album released and dedicated to Croatia as it is.

Sound Guardian – Toni Matosin

sound report 2

In the end, we have to follow the career of this young singer-songwriter who has an interesting path ahead of her. While this is a solid debut album, for the future, I hope that Billie will expand this whole story by adding extra instruments and creating a richer sound while building on this solid foundation.

Sound Report – Filip Busic

music box 2

A very good album with interesting lyrics that are sometimes likable and sometimes with a certain rebellion and social problems which we don’t lack in our country, so it’s not too difficult to find a theme for songs. However, she has managed to win over the public with her music and has many performances behind her.

Music Box – Nikola Knezevic